Coral and Fish Ring


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Collection: Fish-Wandering of thoughts. Time is a long river, in which we will meet a lot of the same kind. Some are like glittering diamonds, some are like enchanting pearls, these are our precious wealth. In Chinese culture, fish symbolizes good luck and happiness. The designer brings this cultural factor into jewelry design, and at the same time integrates modern fashion elements to deduce a unique artistic conception jewelry collection.

    • Sterling silver and grey moonstone
    • Black gold-plated 
    • Jump ring
    • Color: black
    • Imported 
    • Natural stones slight difference in each piece

    LYRE&ERATO depicts nature. The brand takes natural animals as the creation theme, and is based on the philosophy of "unity of man and nature" in Chinese traditional culture, combined with modern design language, sculpture, and traditional handicraft techniques are used to create a unique and charming style. Through the presentation of natural elements, it can arouse the emotional resonance between the wearer and nature, and explore more possibilities of nature and fashion.

    After graduating from industrial design, Kris Lyu, the designer, was engaged in Art Design in Shanghai, and then joined a fashion jewelry company as Product Director.  In 2020, the personal brand LYRE&ERATO was established to seek the evolution of modern fashion language based on Chinese traditional cultural factors. Mr. Lyu firmly believes that the strength of original design based on Chinese culture will rise in the near future, which is inseparable from the persistence and belief of each design.


      • Avoid contact with perfume, hairsprays, and chemicals
      • Avoid collision with other metal accessories
      • Wipe clean and put into jewelry box when not in use

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