Earrings with Buckle in Gold and Mint


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Collection: Ruyi. In traditional Chinese culture, roundness symbolizes perfection. Collection Ruyi celebrates our desire for happiness, luck and perfection.

    • Copper plated with 18k gold, mother of pearl, 4A-grade zircon
    • Color: gold, shell
    • Size: length 0.67’’(1.7cm), width 0.4’’(1.0cm)
    • Imported


Arsis, with the logo inspired by ancient Greek "Delta" and profound meaning of breakthrough, challenge and endlessness, is built to express the voice of modern lady who embraces diversity, experience and versatility. Arsis is a witness to discover the infinite potential and encourage women to be multifaceted.


    • Avoid contact with perfume, hairsprays and chemicals
    • Avoid collision with other metal accessories
    • Better be buffed with a soft cotton cloth
    • Avoid wearing in strenuous activities and sleep

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