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Collection: Mother as a creator

“Mother as a creator” is inspired by the eponymous photography by artist Wang Xiaoqing. When an untethered artist becomes a mother, selfishness and selflessness collide in the process of creating new “art”. Resonating with her own experience “from an art practitioner to a new mom”, the designer Nina rendered this turbulent transformation process into fashion.

When the mission of self-realization is broken down by the arrival of new life, the focus of life begins to be forced to shift, time becomes fragmented, the inevitable inner helplessness at the beginning stage makes people anxious. But it is also through experiencing these, the girl gradually learns to comfort herself, becoming the more mature self in a new stage.

“I want a child and I want a career, and I think they are mutually exclusive.”

When the artist and the mother’s character overlap, the experience of motherhood is completely excluded from artistic creation in most cases. But we choose to embrace it, making this precious turning point as part of the art: presenting a modern version of independence animated by contrast: gorgeous yet calm, vulnerable yet determined. interdependent and independent to-become.

    • Composition: 100% Polyester
    • Panel: 100% Nylon
    • All buttons are made from natural shell

UNISECON is a New York-based label that explores multi-faceted feminine styles with a personal touch. Committing to celebrating the overlooked emotional bond among people, UNISECON offers a wardrobe for the modern interpretation of femininity and collectivism animated in both retro and futuristic forms.


    • Please hand wash with cold water
    • Dry flat to prolong the life of your delicate garment

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