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Collection: BA TRUE TO YOUR-SELF. 

CHENG CHENG 2021 autumn-winter collection, inspired by a legendary men's suit. Quant is an old grandpa from London, England owns an haute couture antique from the 1960s. The suit witnesses a love story. An audacious love of Grandpa Quant and Marian that Grand Quant is truly honest to himself and candid to his love. Always carrying an optimistic and truthful attitude to yourself is the wisdom of the life of Grandpa Quant. The color palette and stunning decoration on the fabric for this collection symbolize Grandpa Quant wearing his suit dancing in the ballroom with lights and music. The lights on the dance floor reflect on the suits producing multi-color spots, orange, purple, green, and blue. These seem like Grandpa Quant’s wonderful and brave life, shinning like gemstones. 

    • 70% Polyester
    • 30% Spandex
    • Color: Orange & Purple
    • Dimension: Length 15cm * Width 14cm * Height 3cm
    • Imported


    The founder and designer Cheng Cheng is skilled in colliding rich colors with textures as well as building up layers by infusing handmade beading, embroidery, and her recreation of various materials.  

    The silhouettes of her design take inspiration from Chinese aesthetics together with Western three-dimensional structure. It represents a form of "beauty" of Romanticism in the Chinese contemporary era which is abundant in colors.

    Cheng Cheng puts forward the concept of endowing clothes with sound, hence inventing "hearing fabric" for integrating auditory perception into clothing. Rather than devoting to constantly exploring Chinese native culture, Cheng Cheng is dedicated to presenting fashion that is full of Chinese cultural heritage and unique spiritual value to the world.

    Established in 2020, Fashion Brand CHENG CHENG has been pressed on Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Fashion L’Officiel, etc.; CHENG CHENG has cooperated with famous celebrities in China Jane Zhang, Bichen Zhang, Amir, etc. In the same year, CHENG CHENG was selected as the 10+3 project of China International Fashion Week.

    Launched 2 seasons fashion show on Shanghai Fashion Week and was collected on the official list.

    Reward as Emerging Fashion Designer of the Year 2021.

    Nominated as 2021 Annual Fashion Designer Name on " China Fashion Festival" in Shanghai Fashion Week.


      • Avoid collision with other metal accessories
      • Better buffed with a soft cotton cloth

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